Real estate marketplace


User profile builder with Dynamic widgets

  • Build user-end profiles for the people who sign up on your website.
  • Users can submit data to your website including listings and their agency/agent info.

WordPress supercharged

  • Custom post
  • Custom taxonomy
  • Multi-step Form builder
  • Listings
  • Dynamic widgets
  • AJAX live search
  • Premium plugins activated

Dynamic property listings and detailed single pages

Users easily submit a new property listing by filling all the details in the required fields. While you have the power to create any fields you need and define all field types users need to submit


Premium features you get

The website you get is easily customizable using drag & drop tools. You get feature rich editor and many premium plugins licensed to be used by you. Premium plugins total worth is ~$400! You get access to :

  • Custom posts builder
  • E-commerce store builder (optional)
  • Form builder
  • Mega menu builder
  • AJAX live search
  • Smart filters
  • Popups builder
  • Blog layout builder
  • Custom tabs builder
  • Custom header & footer builder
  • & Other optional features

Price + Hosting options we recommend

Although you can still host the website on a basic hosting, but we recommend you host it on a powerful server with better specs

Price = $85 + Hosting charges

It depends on your requirements. Since this is a real estate listing website, we recommend using a powerful server rather than a shared one. We’ve listed some options above, or you can visit our hosting shop to see all kinds of hosting packages. Or fill the form and tell us more about your business and we’ll recommend what’s best for you.

We offer all kinds of hosting. Even if you’re in the startup phase or an already established business.

Our servers are hosted in the USA, with data centers around the globe.

Specifications of our dedicated servers is unmatchable. If you’d like to manage the server by yourself, we got the Self managed plans. Or, if you need a dedicated team of experts to manage your server completely for you, we offer Fully managed plans too.

Once you’ve purchased hosting from us. We’d be able to install all the required plugins and make the website ready to use for you. 

Once you’ve purchased hosting and this template. We’d be setting it up into your hosting, including:

  • Making sure the pages and linked properly 
  • Making your contact us, about us and similar pages
  • Adding your logo
  • Checking whether property listing and grids are functioning properly

However, we’d NOT be uploading your sample data into the hosting. 
Example: If you want us to list your properties.

We’d still assist you in adding properties and helping you understand how the backend of the website works.


Real estate marketplaces usually generate revenue by displaying advertisements on their website. There are two ways for that:

  • Google Ads: Providing your website space for Google to display ads on it. Revenue is generated every time an ‘interested’ user clicks + views the ad (See Google policies)
  • Letting agencies or agent advertise their project/agency: You can make a page to define your ad sizes, duration and prices. Interested agents would contact you through the form and submit their ad to you. You can easily place their image in the desired section for a limited amount of time and charge them accordingly.

Most real estate marketplaces charge weekly or monthly, and their prices depend upon the location and size of the ad (banner)

We’ll start setting up your website as soon as you purchase hosting. It would take around 3 days for the website to be ready. To check for any possible bugs or errors, we’d ask you for ~10 days to fix everything. Don’t worry, you can still use the website while we fix the bugs.

We’d be needing admin access or credentials to your hosting account to set it up. When you buy hosting from us, we won’t be needing any credentials since we’d have limited access to user accounts that allows us to manage their hosting, while hiding their passwords and card details, making it safe for the client, and easy to work for us.

Users can ‘Feature’ their listings manually by contacting you, once you verify their property, you can allow their listing(s) to be featured

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