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What is domain investing?

Just like any other investment, the goal is to buy low and sell high. You buy domains that you think might sell for a good amount, you keep it under your ownership and list it in an auction. If someone bids a good amount, you then sell the domain and transfer it to the new owner


For how much can a domain sell for?

That depends on the domain name you have. An appealing domain name can be sold for a thousands of dollars, or even millions ( got sold for $49.7 millions)

Examples: got sold for $1295
adfashion got sold for $1388

The selling process

You buy the domain name(s) you like.  ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has the responsibility of domain name management. According to their policy, you cannot transfer a newly bought domain to another registrar. So you’ll have to wait for 60 days.

Once the period is over. You can transfer you domain to any domain auction , Like Namecheap or Flippa. You can list your domain(s) there, and once someone buys your domain(s), you get paid.

Note: To transfer your domain to another registrar like Namecheap or Godaddy ,there’s a transfer fee


Tools we provide

Domain transfer: Move your domains to any other registrar

Domain backorder: Get notified when a domain becomes available

Bulk domains registration: Buy domains in bulk quantity at a discounted price

WHOIS: Search for details of a domain, availability and expiration.



Why buy from Adalike?

You can buy domains from any registrar you wish, but other registrars’ prices are much higher once your domains are renewed, while our renewal prices are friendly on your wallet.

Domain investing is just like any other investment, you’ll need to be patient and might need to keep your domains in your ownership for a long period of time. So our prices are friendly for the long term too!

Bulk domain discount

When you buy more than 5 domains, you get a special price of 1510PKR (~$9.4/domain for the first year, and renewal price of 1550PKR (~$9.67/domain/year)

Note: USD price against the PKR keeps fluctuating, so refer to the PKR units for accurate price calculation)


Things you need to get started?

  • A strong domain portfolio with eye-catching names.
  • You might need an auction listing membership
  • Patience


You can stop renewing your domain, once you stop paying for it, the domain no longer stays in your ownership

No one can guarantee a domain’s value. But, domains that are short, or contain complete English words, with preferably a .com TLD, usually have much higher value. Like bostoncarwash, learntodrive, etc.

If you are facing some trouble with listing your domains in an auction, then kindly contact the auction support team where you want to list your domains, like GoDaddy auctions or Namecheap. 

If you need to ask some questions regarding how to buy domains, then fill the form below.

We only enlighten you about an investment opportunity that could be profitable & hence do NOT guarantee you any type of success.

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