Web design costs depend upon the workload. Things like number of pages, functionalities, use of dynamic properties. 

To give you an idea, a custom website may cost you anywhere between Rs15K to Rs80K+ 

In order to make a website live and running, you’d need a domain, and web hosting.

Domain is just your website name. You can search your domain name here

Data on your website needs to be live always in order for people to access it. That data is ‘hosted’ 24/7 on a server, this is called web hosting. 

You can look at different web hosting packages here

Depending upon the type of website, it may take around 7-14 days.

No worries! Send a message anytime regarding your concerns.

Templates mentioning “Free Import” will be imported into your hosting for free.

We’d need access to your hosting in order to do that.

In order to activate premium plugins licenses, we’d request you to grant us limited access to your hosting. 

We use premium builder and tools to design these template, and sharing of license keys is not allowed by those respected companies.

We offer web hosting and domain registration services for every type of business. 

Most people need shared hosting  but if you need a VPS server or a Dedicated server, we also offer those.

We’ll import the template with demo data into your hosting for free.

However, customizing your website according to your needs comes as an addon service. Customizing includes:

  • Replace logos
  • Change color theme
  • Upload your products
  • Replace textual content
  • Add additional elements

Customization service is optional and you’d be given an option during the checkout process whether to include the additional service or not.