Website Management Optimization Made Easy

Features overview

Social media posts

Exclusively designed posts for your business

Website Maintenance

Update or edit content on your website

SEO Optimization

On-page SEO with OG, sitemaps + 40 predefined macros

Performance Monitoring

Monitor website uptime & page load speeds

Scheduled posting

Keep your social media presence active & updated

Back-ups & updates

Automatic scheduled backups of your website

Image Optimization 🖼️

Automatically compress your images without a visible change in the quality. Every image in the database will be auto compressed.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is like a group of servers hosting your data around the world. The server which is closest to the user location will send the data to the browser, hence increasing performance

WEBP is the image format to use! Not only it compresses your files with a major size difference, but  you won’t see a loss in quality


Speed Optimization 🚀

uptime 1Cache pages & elements to improve loading times. Monitor how your page is performing and what assets can be optimized.

monitoringCompress your files before sending them to your browser, improving load times

Minification is the process of removing useless space in the code. Without spaces, code can still work fine but you’d be saving data!

Pro Protection 💪

Create a unique login slug to make it difficult for bots to find your login URL.

Entered passwords are checked against public database breach records to make sure your password is strong enough

Stop users from specific countries attempting to login to your website

Ban IPs after number of failed login attempts to prevent brute force attacks

Extra layer of security to keep your website safe from code injection and other

Scan for issues and be notified if there is a suspicious activity


Post to your social media

Exclusively designed social media posts for your business.

Scheduled posting on your Facebook account, so you can focus on providing your services!


Pro Migrate & Backups

Scheduled backups of the website

Your backups are not only in XML, but your database is backed up too

Easily backup and migrate the website to other servers

Automatically replace the URL to match the new domain



It may take up to 5 business days in order to start posting

Website performance depends upon various factors.

A big number of websites are hosted on shared servers. They don’t offer total control on server, hence server side optimization is very limited.

However, optimizing code assets, images and applying compression still helps a website perform better than before.

Other aspects include amount of content on a given page. Best is to keep the homepage as light as possible and use a CDN for content delivery

Head over to website security in case you have a website that’s not in WordPress

This optimization service is only for WordPress websites.

Website that were built by us would be fully supported. Customization limits may occur if your website uses a theme with limited editing features. We use only one theme on all of our websites, and the premium tools included are 100% compatible with that.

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