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Get started with domain investing

What is domain investing?

Simple! Domain investing is buying domain(s) and holding it under your ownership until it’s bought by someone else. Just like other investments, you want to buy for less and sell high. It’s like real estate, but digital.

Is there a minimum number of domains or amount that must be spent?

Not at all. You can start with any number of domains you want, although more number of domains would mean a better chance to gain profit. Buyers may not be interested in some domains you have, so the more your number of domains, the more likely you are to be profitable

How to buy domain names? How to see if a domain is available to be bought?

Not all domain names are available. People buy domain names on daily basis, either they need it for their business, or they buy in bulk as an investment. 

Investors keep searching for valuable domain names, so they can buy them before anyone else.

What makes a domain name 'good' and valuable?

Domains that are shorter in length and contain complete words are likely to be sold for much higher amount. 

A domain name like myclothesshop.com would sell better than myclothes-shop.com. 

TLDs are the extensions at the end of the domain name. Most popular ones include:

  • .Com
  • .Net
  • .Org

.com TLDs have higher value as compared to other TLDs, but it doesn’t mean that you should ignore others completely.

The domain I bought isn't worth selling and I don't want it anymore

Some of the domains in your portfolio maybe not be sold due to various reasons like:

  • Domain name is not appealing, either it’s long & hard to remember
  • Bids on the domain were lesser than you expected

You can choose to renew the domains or stop paying for them. Once you stop renewing, it doesn’t remain in your ownership anymore

Do you guarantee anything?

We only enlighten you about an investment opportunity that could be profitable & hence do NOT guarantee you any type of success.

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